News from members: Oshandi Aids Trust In Namibia (OATIN) 

As with many charities, OATIN has found it very challenging post-Covid. There have been less opportunities for fundraising and energy levels have slumped somewhat in our aging committee!

However, we did hold another successful sale of hanging baskets in May, which proved popular with the gardeners of Saddleworth. Also our standing orders continue each month from our faithful supporters.

We have restarted our quarterly funding for food parcels this year, but Ombome Oto have had distribution problems and communications have been difficult. Last month the mother of our coordinator died and subsequently our coordinator’s own personal ill health has meant further delays.

Next year it will be 25 years since our partnership with the Ombome Oto began and we are in the process of reviewing our situation.  No plans for any visits currently but we look forward to hearing news from those who are going. Good wishes to all for safe journeys.