News from members: Horwich and Rivington Namibia

Food aid

Our schools are reporting that the harvest has been very poor this year with the rainy season starting much later than usual. We are continuing to support all three schools with money for food. This enables the learners in each school to receive one meal per day:

  • Tjihozu Combined School
  • Onangholo Combined School
  • Okathitu Combined School

Bicycle workshop

The manager of the bicycle workshop project (which we have supported for many years) informs us that all businesses in Namibia are struggling considerably since Covid.

Namibia day at Horwich Parish School

We held a Namibia Awareness day at our local primary school. A presentation was given to the children in the morning, followed by a carousel of activities throughout the day with children raising money by paying £1 to attend school in their casual clothes. The day was enjoyed by all and we have been invited to hold a similar event at other local primary schools.

The following message was received in appreciation of our visit: “Friday was a lovely day and so special for everyone. I am so pleased we have rekindled our connection with you and our Namibia link. We will send our contribution just as soon as it has been counted. It would be lovely to put another date in the diary for you to visit school again as I feel we should keep the link strong and alive!”