Member organizations

Catherine Bullen The Foundation’s aims are to improve the lives of those living in rural Namibia, especially in the Omaheke region, focusing on education, health and the provision of fresh water. Contact details: Trustees Chairperson: Roger Bullen. Contact tel: +44 (0)1206 383368. Email:

Chesterfield-Tsumeb Association – Chesterfield website link here and Facebook here.

Help4Nam Food Bank – check their great website and lively Facebook page. Help4Nam is a registered charity in the UK working towards alleviating hunger in the children and their families that live in underprivileged communities in Namibia. Here at Help4Nam we believe no child should go hungry. That is why we fundraise to help feed as many families as we can through our food bank network in order to achieve our charity goals. Operating as a non-profit and non-government organisation we rely solely on donations. Funds raised go directly towards purchase of dry, non-perishable food and essential toiletry supplies from wholesalers in Namibia which we prepare into food parcels. These emergency food parcels consist of enough food to feed a family of 4 for about 7-10 days and we hope for it to go someway towards feeding the family in their time of need. By providing food parcels, we firmly believe that it has a positive impact on some of the socio-economic challenges that many people living in the poorer communities face.

Horwich and Rivington Team Namibia Link – for news article see Bolton News



Oshandi AIDS Trust in The trust recruits and trains volunteers in community healthcare in Namibia and provides equipment to them. It supports AIDS prevention through promoting safe-sex practices and positive attitudes toward sexual health. It integrates the care system with existing statutory and voluntary services to ensure equality of service prevision for all. It also aims to relieve the social and financial deprivation of families affected by HIV/AIDS in Namibia.

Honorary Institutional Member Kahengava Foundation – on Facebook here.